Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Letters To The Editor: Hey Jude

Today's guest editor is Papa Hotel; raconteur supreme and inventor of the Smelly Glove. You can follow him at Papa Hotel Lives.

Dear Sir,

I appear to have some pages missing from my script. Raised, as I was, on a cosy diet of simpering Hollywood principles and the over-simplistic moral whitewashing of the Weinstein Brothers, I was given to understand that one’s goal in life is threefold:

1) Overcome adversity
2) Win the girl
3) Make the world a better place for those less muscley / less sexy / less wealthy than you

So what in the name of our murdered Jesus is going on with Israel? The Jews that settled there weren’t a wet week out of the death camps before they started kicking over sand castles and getting argey-bargey with the locals, like a pack of East-London teens on a binge in Ibiza. It seems that the same principles that cause an abused child to grow into a child abuser operate as effectively at a mob level. What kind of sickness could cause a people, united by the very thing for which they were once oppressed, to replicate the viciousness of that oppression upon fellow men, women and children. There must be something of the canker in the cure then for it appears that the pseudo-legitimate state of Israel, with all of its elastic borders, have learned no lessons from the history of Nazi Germany other than some useful tips on the containment and extermination of the innocent. Any day now Belling(TM) and Hotpoint(TM) will probably start competing for an Israeli government tender to supply 5,000 industrial sized ovens with an option on the fitout of high-capacity shower rooms.

David P. Novak

Papa Hotel appears courtesy of Girly Man Productions ©2010

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