Wednesday, 7 July 2010

RCNI’s Clíona Saidléar: Redefining the term “Shrill”

Rape Crisis Network Ireland Policy & Communications Director and Shrill Über-Feminist Clíona Saidléar has done herself no favours this week by announcing that, in her expert opinion, and in incredibly bad English,”...any women appearings [sic] in any advert anywhere that is better looking than I am is a denigrated bitch-slut panndering [sic] to mens rape fantasies.”

Ms. Saidléar’s self serving comment comes in the wake of the RCNI’s formal complaint to the Advertising Standards Authority for Ireland (ASAI) about the incredibly sexy Hunky Dory adverts that the RCNI claim condone the violent abuse and sexual assault of women; and by extension of this that Irish men would respond to the adverts like depraved sexual deviants unable to tell fantasy from reality as they dragged their collective knuckles across the ground.

This misguided and brazenly chauvinist perception of Irish mens supposed attitudes towards women displays once again just how out of touch an organisation can become when they leave their Public Relations in the hands of a person whose only aim is to pander to a small minorities perceived notions while attempting to use playground age pop-psychology to support their argument that would make a first year Sociology student blush.

The official complaints use of the phrase “deeply cynical” in relation to describing an advertisement is literally jaw dropping in its naïveté, as Product Advertising by its very nature is cynical and is used purely as a tool to part people from their money to buy things that they don’t need but can’t afford not to have.

At the time of going to press none of this really matters as no one is buying the corrugated, vomit tasting excuses that pass for a confectionery snack anyway.

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