Friday, 21 October 2011

Muammar Gaddafi Dead: Post Mortem To Be Aired Live

As the blood-lust frenzy for images of a dead Muammar Gaddafi reaches fever pitch the unusual step has been taken to have the dictator’s autopsy filmed in front of a live audience and broadcast live around the world.  

The event, which is scheduled to air Halloween night from a secret location somewhere in Libya,  is expected to reach record numbers of people as the whole world waits impatiently for more images of the dictators bloodied and battered, lifeless corpse.

Four year old Timothy Grayson just 
wants his Fireman Sam magazines back.
“The gore-soaked images that you have witnessed on your television screens and across countless publications and the internet is just the beginning! Just wait to see what we have lined up.” spat a frothing at the mouth event organiser Jordon Rockwell of Fox News Channel.  “We’re going to have finger puppets for the kids, with Gaddafi’s actual fingers!  There’ll be wall painting, where kids will be able to use the buckets of blood syphoned from his rotting corpse to create montages of what a world without Gadaffi will be like, there’ll be skipping rope play, football, oh it’s going to be fabulous!”

Members of the audience will also be invited up to “get involved” in the autopsy and help play their part in the on-going War On Terror©.

“The main message we really want to get across with this whole event is that it’s okay to parade dead bodies in the media as long as they belong to the bad guy.  I mean, for example, no one wants to see images of dead children killed by American cluster bombs, right?  Exaactly!” 

So far there have been no vocal critics of the media coverage as people remain shit scared of pointing out that there may be something not entirely healthy about Western societies completely skewed sense of morality and justice.


  1. Well said Archie :)

  2. I hear kids everywhere are asking for dead Gaddafi masks this Halloween. The images of this killing have turned out to be good for the scary costume business.

    Progress isn't always pretty going forward.