Friday, 8 April 2011

Nicolas Sarkozy: Last Minute U-Turn On French "Burqa Ban"

In a move that has both surprised his critics and infuriated his allies French President Nicolas Sarkozy has decided to reverse the ruling signed into law last October and due for enactment this coming April 11th which would have seen the wearing of the burqa and niqab by Muslim women banned outright.

In an interview with Le Monde this week Sarkozy admitted that he had struggled personally with the wording of the legal text. “When I studied the texts, which did not make specific mention of, but implied the burqa and niqab when condemning the covering of the face, I realised it was pure hypocrisy. I could no more ask of my wife, former model, singer and sexy superstar Carla Bruni to keep her goddamned clothes on for once in her life during an interview than I could ask of our Islamoid sisters to reveal more of their sexy Arab hard bodies.” 

Sarkozy: Compassion.
“So yes, it was in a moment of compassion that I decided the outright ban would have to be reversed, but with a certain condition in place.”

The certain condition that Sarkozy was alluding to includes a new clause that would ensure that all women wearing burqas or niqabs would be required to display bi-lingual registration plates identifying them by name and as property of their husbands.

Muslim cleric Sheikh Yerbouti, previously a harsh critic of Sarkozys policies toward anyone black and poor and his penchant for deporting Roma Gypsies was more upbeat in tone as news reached him of the reversal. “Allah be praised, Mr. Sarkozys enlightened thinking on reversing this ban has been a small glimmer of hope in what has been a difficult time in France for the Muslim people. On top of that I can't believe it took a Westerner to think of the whole name tag thing, I mean seriously, how did we not think of that before? Do you know how long it usually takes to locate my wife when I come to pick her up from the womens group? By the fist of Ibrahim, we're talking about forty minutes on a good day!”

Nawal Hussan: “Not much of a looker.”

Housewife Nawal Hussan, a Muslim convert and mother of three welcomed the overturning of the ban, saying: “I'm not much of a looker and have always felt I was in direct competition with some of my peers' extraordinary beauty. This way it gives us all a level playing field, Allah be praised. Also, it's a great way of hiding the bruises.”

Amnesty International spokesperson Judith Farber had this to say: “We are delighted that this reversal in thought has come about as it highlights Frances willingness to provide an inclusiveness of all religions and embrace all religious traditions in this great multicultural society.”

 Amnesty International spokesperson Judith Farber had this to say: “We are outraged that this medieval tradition and subjugation of women in a modern society has been allowed to continue without challenge and we will continue to appeal for an outright ban to be enforced on this outdated form of dress that some Muslim women are still forced to endure.”

Mr. Sarkozy confirmed that the second clause, that Muslim women wearing burqa or niqabs will be allowed to wear a leash at all times when in public, is being considered for introduction in early 2012.

It was all smiles in the city of Lyon yesterday as women celebrated their
Freedom to wear their burqas again without fear of oppression by French laws

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