Tuesday, 31 December 2013

The Templar Times Celebrates Publication of Fifth News Article of 2013

In what has proven to be a whirlwind year of ground-breaking news reporting, gripping exposes and top class journalism, The Templar Times this week celebrated the publication of its fifth news article of 2013.

The Templar Times newsroom: 
nerve center of the publishing giant
Considered by many to be the world’s leading online news source, it has always been The Templar Times credo that quality above quantity be the guiding force behind all newsworthy stories reported to its slavering audience.

2013 has proven to be the year where the quality bar was raised higher than ever before since the founding of the newspaper in 1888 by brothers Thadeus and Sigmund Templar – with only five articles being considered worthy of publication, including this one.

Chief Editor Gottfried Templar:  "After 125 years of publishing we are only now really hitting our stride, putting out the stories that our competitors are only too willing to ignore in pursuit of what they see as so-called valid mainstream media expectations.  We have no such compunctions here at the Times; and I think our record in 2013 reflects this."

"In fact, in 2014 we plan to raise the bar even further and put out even less articles than we did this year." 

"We look forward to seeing all of you then, our loyal readers, and wish you all the very best for an industrious and productive new year from all the hard working staff here at The Templar Times."

Above:  Crowds gather in New York’s Times Square for the launch of The Templar Times MaNappies-Onsie Funsies report; an article Time magazine called "a game changer."

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  1. Congratulations Gottfried. Thadeus would be proud. Perhaps not Sigmund though because he was a curmudgeon and I'm glad he drank himself to death, but certainly Thadeus.

    The most wonderful thing about The Templar Times is the way reading the features does not drive one to indulge in a frenzied bout of strangely cathartic self-harm in the same way that a visit to the supernaturally mediocre journal.ie might (particularly the comments section which recently inspired me to crawl back into the sea in the vain hope of devolving back into some primordial fish creature and starting the process of evolution all over again - going forward).